• How to Start Up a Drop Shipping Business

    dropshipping worldwideIf you would like to build a profitable business without the huger investment and risks that are often associated, then you might consider starting a drop shipping business. In this type of format, a reseller sells the products for the wholesaler. For example, when the reseller (of a drop shipping business) receives the order from the customer, he forwards the shipping details to the wholesaler. Then the wholesaler will ship the product to the customer. The reseller earns the difference between the retail and wholesale price. Now let’s review the steps for starting a drop-shipping business.

    First, you should find a good wholesaler, who is ready to collaborate with resellers. You can get the list of wholesalers by casually searching the Internet. You can provide your business information to the potential wholesalers so that they can come forward to have a partnership with your business. The wholesalers may charge a fee for membership on monthly or yearly basis.

    Next, you should open a website for listing products from the wholesalers. Additionally, your website should also have shopping cart program that allows the customers to conveniently view the products and place orders. If you want to accept credit card payments, then you should get a merchant account through the bank. It is better to have many payment avenues like credit card, debit card, net banking, wire transfers, etc. This will help more customers to place order through your website. So, make sure that you website has multiple payment processing systems in place.

    You should get a license for running your business. Different countries and states have different sort of license requirements. You should also pay the tax for the income you earn through the business. Getting an appropriate license will help you to run a business without any legal risks.

    It is always best to set the retail price suggested by the manufacturer or wholesaler. As the competition is huge, setting an inflated price will definitely prevent customers ordering products from your website.

    As there are many resellers operating in the online space, it is necessary to make potential customers know about your business. You can promote your website through various online marketing techniques like SEO, email marketing, etc. This will help you drive more customers to your website or drop shipping business.

    Starting a drop shipping business is very easy and inexpensive, as you do not need to have inventory or invest in buying the products like a retail seller. With simply investing little time and money, you could start drop shipping business.

  • Importance of Invoicing

    Tree Service businesses in Greenville, South Carolina are famous for their professionalism, their skills in estimating the time, cost and labor involved in a work and their quick project completion ability. But, they are also famous for the infamous invoicing scheme of many fly-by-night tree service companies in Greenville. Thus, it becomes important to create an invoice that speaks of the genuineness of your business itself. To create such an invoice, one must have a complete understanding of the importance of invoicing in a tree service Greenville SC business.

    Though all the factors of an invoice play a major role in affecting so many facets of your business, either positively or negatively, the following are to be considered more important than the others.


    A breakdown list of services offered for removing a tree or stump should be clearly mentioned with the individual costs. Only then, the customers can exactly understand what they are paying for. Think of a person who gets an invoice that mentions $250 under a single category called service charge. And think of him getting a detailed invoice that breaks down that $250 into several parts such job fees, removal and pruning costs, tree service labor costs, etc.

    Without any doubt, the person will call the service provider that issued him the detailed invoice, but not the one that says just the service tax, next time he comes across a need for tree removal.


    Should there be any extra labor force, equipment or time was required for completing a job, then it should be very clearly mentioned in the invoice. This could help you create a positive impression on the minds of your customers, as they won’t want to pay an invoice that says “Extra” in the left and shows $150 in the right, without stating what is meant by that extra.

    Extras may include Stump removal processes, extra time spent due to increased width of the trunk, etc.


    An invoice issued by your tree service Greenville SC business should clearly mention what are covered by you in that particular work. For instance, it is advisable for all tree service providers to cover all their services such with labor & general liability insurance. Also, their works should be backed up by bonds to ensure safe completion of the work.

    Thus, an invoice should mention that the company is licensed, covers liabilities with insurance, is bonded and the men in work are professionals.

    With just these three things being highlighted in a tree service invoice, your customers will be satisfied with your business proficiency, safety in signing up your services and transparency in billing.

  • Steps for Starting a Successful Web Design Business

    web design businessIf you would like to start a web design business to become your own boss, only answering to your creative muse, read on to know some of the steps that should be followed on how to start a web design business. Keep in mind that this is not a walk in the park but with the right attitude, determination and the zeal to work hard, you are bound to be a successful provider of top services for improving web visibility.

    Determine the start-up costs 

    Every business has some costs associated with it. Make a list of everything that you will need to run the business and calculate the start-up costs. Some of the things you may need include a computer/laptop, internet connection, registering for a domain name, web hosting, internet marketing software, a team of experts, or you may need to print out business cards and other supplies. You may start out with free design software so that you can familiarize yourself with the software to know the one that is worth paying for.

    Establish a brand 

    Once you have everything in place, the next step is to establish a brand that your market will recognize you by. You have the option of using your name as the brand or working with something more formal depending on what you feel will work best for you. The key here is to showcase what you can offer to your own business first.

    Create a portfolio 

    You need something that you will point potential clients to when you want to seal the deal and show off your expertise. You need to come up with a well-designed site that shows the kind of services you offer in a manner that is supposed to draw in clients. Showcase some of the work that you have done as this lets people know what to expect. You can start by offering your services for free to people from your community who really need services such as charity organizations, church groups, social clubs and local schools among many others that can help you generate great portfolio pieces.

    Think about how much you will be charging 

    This is a very important step when it comes to building a web design business where you need to have a framework that establishes the rates you will be charging if you do not want to end up working for peanuts. Check out the market rates so that you do not end up exploiting your clients as this will only chase them away.

    Advertise your business 

    You could be the most talented web designer in town but if people do not know that you exist then it will not help you out one bit. This means that you have to let as many people know about your entity as this will help you get some new clients. It does not have to be an expensive affair as you can take advantage of word of mouth advertising and social media to put the word out there. When you finally get clients, it is important to make sure you put your best foot forward so that your work can also do the advertising for you in order to keep offering the services for long term.

  • Things to Remember When Searching for Investment Management Firms

    In the world of investment management firms there are plenty of quality firms to choose from.  The challenge is finding the right one to work with.  Classifying them based on performance and quality of service is where I like to start.  Your hard earned money is on the line and partnering with the right investment firm is crucial.  Of course, the end goal is getting the best ROI possible.  I also like to have a long term outlook so I take into account the longevity of the relationship as well.  If you partner with the wrong firm you will not get the best ROI on your investment and in the worst case scenario you will actually lose money.

    This article will provide you with some ideas in regards to how you can easily identify which firms you can trust and which ones you should pass on.

    1. Call them using the contact numbers on their website. This is the best thing to do when you have just found the information regarding a firm online. This will help you validate the information they have sent out online. If possible, try to ask questions to really test how much they know about investment management. In your due diligence, if you are finding there are a myriad of questions that they cannot answer, that should be a red flag. This means they are not the actual experts they are posing to be and its time to say “next!”
    1. Try to ask for recommendations from very close friends or relatives. Friends and family who have been using services and who have actual track records to prove it are a great place to start. If you can get honest recommendations from them, it will then be easy to remove some choices in the list. You can also read reviews online and other testimonials. Of course, it is important to read several reviews to widen your view regarding a particular company. Do not let one comment turn you off or encourage you to seal the deal. If you can get honest recommendations from reviews, it will then be easy to remove some of the poor choices off your list.
    1. Find out about online scams. There are companies that will not really provide you with anything at all because they are not investment managers to begin with. Often times there are people or groups who pose as experts who know about a particular industry when in fact they do not. You will easily know if they are scammers if they are more interested in your money than providing you with a relationship and great customer service. The good news is that oftentimes there are not many of these true “scammers” in the industry so they are quite easy to spot.  I cannot stress this enough, doing the appropriate due diligence is always a must.  Remember this is your hard earned money on the line so take your time in making the right decisions.
    1. Get free trials. This is a great way to know if you are really dealing with the right people or not. Not all companies offer these, however, if they do, taking the extra time to feel out a company is a great strategy. Let them prove it to you prior to making a quick decision.  Once again, I like to reiterate that this is a long term decision so don’t be hasty in your choices.  Taking a free trial will provide you with a glimpse of how they work, their customer service and if the partnership will work or not.  You have nothing to lose and so much to gain going this route.  If the trial doesn’t work out you can cancel the relationship and move on.

    Now that you have some better ideas on how to proceed, it will be easier for you to know if you are making the right choice or not. Rest assured, there are plenty of great  investment management firms to choose from. http://www.etfcm.com/ is one we recommend and have had success with.  Their customer service is top notch and they really seem to care about their clients and the clients long term goals. This to me is priceless.

    Please don’t take our word for it.  Make sure you always do your due diligence on your end prior to choosing the right partner to work with.

  • Hardwood Floors for Longer Lasting Value

    atlanta flooringHardwood flooring has been attracting more and more customers in the recent years, and has been the preferred choice of thousands of individuals and companies for their residential and office flooring needs. Most Atlanta Flooring companies suggest their customers to go for hardwood flooring, both solid & engineered, based on their budget and expectations. Here are a few things that could make you consider hardwood floors for you place too.

    Cost Effective

    Hardwood floors, especially engineered planks, are cheaper than tile flooring in many aspects such as installation, subflooring, materials, maintenance, etc. Most companies that setup engineered hardwood floors could come up with a budget cheaper than you expect and could be much lesser than the cost it takes for materials alone in tile flooring.


    Solid Hardwood flooring done by professional Atlanta Flooring service providers may last for many generations. The wood used can be restored many times as sanding, refinishing and restaining the natural hardwood can be done as many times as the wood can withstand. When humidity and scratches are avoided carefully, the life of these wooden floors increase dramatically, and all it takes is a little time cleaning up dirt & padding furniture to prevent scratches.


    Hardwood floors could give your home or office the rustic and warm feeling that you always wanted, and can keep it that way for a very long time. You can either signup a maintenance contract with a professional Atlanta Flooring service providers or you can follow some DIY, based on the size and type of wood flooring that you have. By doing so, you can spend so little time and can keep your place so stylish for a longer period.


    Solid or engineered, hardwood boards can be recycled whenever they are no longer can be used. This could help you leave a light carbon footprint in your environment and take pride in doing so. Also, most hardwood floors installed by professional Atlanta Flooring companies are manufactured with zero to very low wastages.

    If you are looking for a change of style for your tile flooring without compromising on quality, conscience or budget, then hardwood flooring could be your best choice. When you contact a hardwood flooring company in Atlanta, just make sure they use only quality materials for subflooring and flooring, and every type of work is done by a professional expert.